Introducing the New Summer 2025 Collection from Maryan Mehlhorn

As the Premium Brand Partner in the UK for Maryan Mehlhorn Swimwear, here at Caroline Randell we’re delighted to announce that we are one of just two stockists to launch the brand’s exclusive collection in summer 2025.

Maryan Mehlhorn swimwear imbues the women with sophisticated silhouettes and luxurious comfort. This premium brand focuses on signature looks and is made for women who are passionate about fashion, claim freedom and embrace personality.

In this article we’ll be sharing a preview of the pieces that comprise this new collection, for you to explore prior to launch.

Preview: Maryan Mehlhorn Collection 2025

A broad range of inspirational colours drive newness for this collection. Warmth is created through jungle greens, sepia browns and linen-white, while a vibrancy is conveyed through bright violet and flame. Finally, for cross-seasonal versatility, timeless black in matt and shiny grounds the colour palette.

Fabric-wise, the collection is crafted from 100% Italian premium swimwear fabrics. Each swimsuit and bikini is characterised by longevity and luxury comfort. The trend for tactile elements is reflected in fine-ribbed swim-fabric texture, wicker-weave buckles evoke a rustic-luxury connection and belted styles convey a confident personality.


A creamy softness is revealed through sophisticated tones: pastels in lilac, cream and straw evoke summer and femininity, while summery whites add a sunny effect.

Micro-ribbed textures create a tactile piece, with straw-coloured blossoms lending an air of fragility.

Slit-shaped cut-outs, belted shapes, wickerwork rings and buckles help accentuate the sensitive floral print.

A long-line silhouette has a drawstring waist, perfect for relaxed barefoot hideaways and tranquil beaches.

Pictured: Reverie Long Kaftan



Serenity, comfort and relaxation is reflected via a luxurious, opulent mood with tropical themes.

As we move from day to dusk, unexpected bright colours on camouflage neutrals create a mystical effect.

A cream backdrop is infused with smoky, steamy tropic notes: a natural influence expressed in jungle greens with accents of purple, brown and tangerine.

V-shaped separators are integrated to swimsuit necklines and long-line bikini fronts to add unexpected cutouts. Detachable belts in golden and wood-look chain elevate the pieces into true fashion statements.

The premium look is achieved through beautiful tailoring and design. Airy silk-cotton pieces, a tunic with playful pleats and a long-panelled dress round off this exquisite selection.


This black is the new black as it is given a subversive twist with a grunge, ‘goth noir’ aesthetic.

A juxtaposition between matt and shine, combined with a weave of narrow faux leather tapes creates a tonal look, with unexpected materials and a subtle lingerie effect.

Sophisticated tailoring on this luxe swimwear is augmented with a rectangular neckline cut-out, catching the eye and emphasising the hand-crafted approach.



This summer 2025 swimwear collection is elevated with two new colours: violet and flame. They create a vibrant look that helps these timeless pieces stand out from the crowd.

A signature accessory adorns all styles - a U-Separator made of galvanized zamak that accentuates the deep neckline.

A low hemline flatters, accentuating the waist and adding an air of seduction to enhance the feminine silhouette.

A versatile new beach-shirt brings street and beach styling together, while the M-signet is transformed into a graphic statement print, accompanied by an oversized terry beach towel featuring the brand’s logo in a tonal manner.

Certain items from this collection are available to purchase at Maryan Mehlhorn swimwear - or you can explore our wider collection, featuring the finest luxury swimwear from world-renowned designers?

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