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Love Rose

Sassy Pant in Orange

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Love Rose

Feisty High Waist Pant

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Love Rose

I Am Enough Bra

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Love Rose

Mia Love Pant

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Love Rose

Eres Bold High Waist Pant


Love Rose Bras

Wouldn't it be beautiful to wear lingerie that makes you feel comfortable, empowered – and even more gorgeous than usual, especially when you don't feel like it? The LoveRose was created after one of the owners was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy with reconstruction. At that moment she couldn't find any pretty-looking post-surgery bras, as most of them were just very bland and boring. Thus, she decided to do something about it, which resulted in the post-surgery lingerie brand with a focus on luxurious looks and comfortable fits.

About LoveRose Lingerie

LoveRose Lingerie is a unique luxury brand that has redefined post-breast-cancer surgery lingerie, dedicated to empowering women on their journey to recovery and self-confidence. The brand's name pays homage to Caroline's sister, Rose, who, like many women, battled cancer.

Unlike traditional post-operation underwear that is often bland and matronly, LoveRose's collection is designed with wire-free engineering and crafted with luxurious materials. Their range includes pocketed bras for women who wear prostheses and hidden support hammocks that eliminate the need for uncomfortable underwires while ensuring full support.

LoveRose isn't just about lingerie; it's a symbol of hope and self-esteem. The brand's mission is to provide post-surgery bras that give customers confidence and renewed self-esteem. While initially starting with a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and winning the Scottish EDGE Awards in 2018, LoveRose has continued to grow and is on a mission to reach even more women who've faced breast cancer.

The company's recent success has attracted investors who believe in their vision. They aim to use the capital boost to expand their product line, which will soon include an Essentials line, catering to the needs of more post-breast cancer surgery women. The business also collaborates with industry experts and mentors, including Christian Maher, a former director of La Perla, and Yvonne Webb, a former national account manager at Cadbury.

It has not only gained the support of those who've undergone breast cancer but also won the hearts of women who appreciate its design, comfort, and quality. 

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