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Soak Wash Reviews

I love this washing liquid. In fact I do all my washing nowadays by hand using soak. Only my husbands clothes go in the washing machine. I wash all my lingerie, nightwear, blouses, dresses and woollens in SOAK. I am always thrilled with the results. People think that hand washing is a longwinded process but it is so quick. I have recommended SOAK to countless people. It does not have a sickly smell like so many products. I hope this review is helpful. All the very best Isabel Campbell
...I was first alerted to Caroline's Soak Wash in an article in the Daily Telegraph. The product appealed to me because hand-washing is time-consuming, and machine washing delicates is always risky. So, I had to try this new way of doing it which is simply adding the soap to water, leaving for 15 minutes, before removing items to dry. It's that simple! The 'SOAK' smells are divine, and I hope to try some more of the ones that were out of stock at the time of my purchase. I've bought the smaller sizes as presents for my sister and mum as I know they'll like this time-saving wash. And this will be a new regular item in my laundry armoury from now on!
I love this product, it's such a delicate wash for beautiful lingerie and is also really good at washing my make up brushes too. Not only that but it leaves a lovely soft fragrance too on everything. Highly recommended and I can only get hold of it from Caroline Randall so thank goodness they stock the product.