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The Mey Way

What sets Mey apart is "The Mey Way," a set of guiding principles that influence the brand's daily actions. One of Mey's defining features is its strong focus on sustainability and responsible consumption. They continue to produce a significant portion of their products in their own factories in Germany, Portugal, and Hungary. This emphasis on in-house production sets them apart in an era of outsourcing and mass production.

They manufacture a substantial percentage of their fabrics in Germany, meticulously developing and testing materials to ensure durability, softness, and comfort. Additionally, their fabric finishing processes minimise the risk of garment shrinkage, allowing their products to maintain their original fit even after repeated washing.

Another unique aspect is their stringent approach to dyes and prints. Mey prioritises skin-friendly dyes and conducts rigorous long-term tests to ensure that colours do not bleed or fade excessively. They hold a Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification to guarantee the authenticity of colours and the absence of contaminants in their products.

The precision and attention to detail extend to the cutting and sewing stages. Mey employs state-of-the-art machines to ensure consistently high accuracy in cutting and uses high stitch density in their seam work, which enhances elasticity and comfort. This dedication to quality control ensures that every product meets the high standards Mey is known for.

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