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Twin Soft Bra

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Abby High Waist Briefs

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Rosa Faia

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Anita Sports Bra

We also stock a wide range of Anita Sports Bras The Anita sports bra collection is multi-award winning and has won "Best Sports Bra" in the UK for the past 2 years. We love the innovative styles, shapes and pops of colour. It's a superior sports bra with high functionality, sweat management and good design.

Whether you are heading to the gym, playing squash or going jogging, the sports bras from Anita Active is multi-award-winning and the designs are just brilliant. They have a flair for colour but are also functional and hold everything in place.

Anita Bras Testing & Design

Anita bras undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet high-quality standards and provide optimal functionality. 

  1. Comprehensive Wear Tests: Before Anita releases any of its bras to the market, they subject them to extensive wear tests. These tests involve real women with various body types and activity levels wearing the bras to evaluate their performance under different conditions.

  2. Outstanding Fit: Anita places a strong emphasis on achieving an outstanding fit for their bras. This includes taking into account different body shapes and sizes. The bras are designed with functional cuts that aim to provide the wearer with a comfortable and supportive fit.

  3. High Functionality: Beyond aesthetics, Anita prioritises the functionality of their lingerie. This means that their bras are designed not only to look good but also to perform exceptionally well. They focus on key aspects such as support, hold, and comfort.

  4. Special Big Cup Support: Anita has developed the Special Big Cup Support exclusively for larger-breasted individuals. This feature ensures a beautiful breast shape, optimal support, and the highest comfort level, especially for cup sizes up to I.

  5. Craftsmanship: Anita takes pride in its craftsmanship, from the initial design to the final product. The bras are carefully manufactured to meet their stringent quality standards. Each piece of material is thoroughly inspected to ensure it meets their quality criteria.

  6. Continuous Improvement: Anita is committed to constantly improving its products. They aim to make their bras even better, ensuring that customers are consistently satisfied with the quality and functionality of their lingerie.

In summary, Anita bras are not only designed to be aesthetically pleasing but also to excel in terms of functionality and comfort. They are thoroughly tested and crafted with a focus on providing outstanding fit, support, and durability. This commitment to quality and functionality is a hallmark of Anita's lingerie products.



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