Hanro Underwear Sustainability & Quality

Caroline Randell is proud stockist of Hanro and we have been steadily increasing our collection since we launched the brand five seasons ago. Caroline Randell stocks beautiful Hanro underwear, nightwear, and loungewear collections, as well as stunning vests and everyday basics for multiple reasons, such as high-quality and slow fashion focus.

Hanro prioritises high-quality natural materials, utilising certificates, strict quality controls, and innovative finishing processes to create long-lasting and sustainable products. Approximately 80% of the fabrics used by Hanro are made from natural fibres and fibres of natural origin.  Hanro incorporates organic cotton, Supreme Green Cotton®, and CO2 neutral TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres in six product lines. 

Hanro rejects the fast-fashion culture, limiting itself to one summer and one winter collection per year. This "LESS IS MORE" attitude encourages responsible consumption and focuses on long-lasting quality. The focus of Hanro's sustainability strategy is the manufacture of high-quality products with a long service life, encouraging customers to consume more sustainably.

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