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Thanks to a historic collaboration with craftsmen, such as Calais lace-makers and Swiss embroiderers, the creative team aim to develop collections that combine French lingerie elegance and refinement with comfort and a great fit! Aubade pieces are simply delightful products for those who wear them and those who are lucky enough to see them.

We stock a wide range of Aubade bras and lingerie at Caroline Randell - it's a favourite brand amongst our team and our customers! We have several collections that remain in stock throughout the year such as Rosessence and Danse des Sense, as well as a great selection of new fashion ranges each season.

Aubade Brand FAQ

Is Aubade made in France? Aubade lingerie house was founded in 1875 in Paris. Since then it became one of the most known French lingerie brands, with lingerie boutiques in Geneva, Zurich, Copenhagen and other big cities around the world. 85% of Aubade production is carried out in Tunisia, however, the brand carries Parisian DNA, thanks to marketing, creative, R&D and other departments located in the heart of Paris.

Who owns Aubade? Lingerie brand Aubade is now owned by the Calida Group, a Swiss company that owns a number of premium underwear brands.

Is Aubade a good lingerie brand? Aubade underwear is sexy and beautiful in an elegant, erotic, truly French way. It is not only about the looks, throughout time Aubade came up with many inventions too. They were the first company to introduce matching coloured sets to the market as well as invented the front fastening bra and even the first strapless bra. In a way, they have shaped the women's lingerie industry the way we know it today.

Aubade Collaborations

Aubade, the French lingerie brand, has engaged in several notable collaborations with designers and artists to create exclusive and limited-edition collections. Some of the prominent collaborations have included partnerships with Christian Lacroix, resulting in bold and artistic lingerie pieces; a fusion of Eastern and Western aesthetics with Japanese designer Yoko Kakinohana; and a blend of futuristic fashion with Courrèges. These collaborations have allowed Aubade to infuse unique creativity into their lingerie, often featuring intricate embroidery, vibrant colours, and luxurious materials. While these collaborations showcase a fusion of fashion and lingerie, they also offer lingerie collectors and fashion enthusiasts the opportunity to own distinctive and sophisticated pieces that reflect various design influences.

Aubade Bra Reviews

  • The bra is very comfy while also very sexy with its stretch lace.
  • I love the pieces I received. They are beautiful and fit well and feel of good quality.
  • Beautiful bras that fit the body like a glove. Good quality, beautiful design, so feminine.

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