A personal note from me about changes to my business during the Coronavirus lockdown

A personal message

Along with everyone, we have been grappling with how we can carefully shop for food, support local businesses, care for elderly loved ones who are on their own and reach out to friends to make sure they are ok. As well as managing the dynamics of family being in the house all of the time - overall, a time of highs and lows. 

It has taken sometime to get used to a new way of life for the business too. It was devastating to see the shop close in March but I want to let you know that the whole team are well and their jobs are protected. It’s going to be a tough ride and we hope to get through this and reopen our doors. Your support is needed more than ever, so please do stay in touch, shop with us online, and let us know if we can help.

Before we closed we had just received our summer collections which we had fallen in love with! We are bust getting these online and I wanted to highlighted some really relevant items that could be super useful during this time. I hope that these  collections can bring you a little joy.

Free UK delivery | WhatsApp Shopping Service 07551665064 

Your order will be lovingly sent to you and we appreciate your support so much!


Loungewear for #stayathomeSoft Bras

Sports Bras

Feel Good Lingerie

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