Introducing Marjolaine Luxury French Lingerie

Caroline Randell delivers the finest selection of lingerie from around the globe, as well as providing a bespoke fitting service. We select and stock only the most beautiful designers, and have curated one of the world’s finest collections. In this article we’ll introduce one of our favourite French fashion houses, Marjolaine.

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About Marjolaine

Marjolaine is an exquisite French lingerie house specialising in luxurious and feminine nightwear. Their beautiful garments are made from 100% silk and are finished with exquisite French lace for a delicate and feminine style. Their striking range of nightdresses, silk chemises, babydolls, negligees and camisoles are created in a selection of stunning patterns and colours.

Attention to detail and intricate details sets this selection apart, and it’s clear the designer enjoys experimenting with new styles: subtle touches including contrasting lace edged on side-splits of silk chemises, and satin ribbon lattices on low backs are highlights of these elegant pieces.

Premier French Silk Nightwear

Based in Lyon, France, Marjolaine is rapidly becoming known as one of Europe’s premier silk nightwear names. Original, refined and modern, Marjolaine nightwear is the ultimate indulgence and most importantly, looks and feels wonderful to wear. Ultra feminine collections, their garments are refined, and are created utilising the highest quality French manufacturing techniques with handmade inlay.

Why Buy Marjolaine?

Traditionally a family-run business, French lingerie label Marjolaine has over 70 years of industry know-how, from its use of exquisite fabrics and cuts to manufacturing and expansion.

Founded by Roger Millet Desdoitils, who personally sewed a vintage lingerie collection, Marjolaine continues to evolve, providing bespoke lingerie sets alongside a range of daring and evocative silk nightwear. The brand takes great care in both the design of their collection as well as the attention to detail that goes into the manufacture of the pieces. With Marjolaine, you can be confident that you’re buying into a heritage of high quality, beautiful lingerie.

Combining striking colour combinations with fine silks and French Calais lace as the designer’s signature touches, Marjolaine creates nightwear pieces which go beyond the everyday.

Here are some examples of the beautiful products and details that you can expect when investing in a Marjorlaine piece.

The Nina silk chemise is a classic Marjolaine piece: timeless and simultaneously innovative, this elegant garment is perfect for moments of relaxation and seduction. A V-shaped top with button detail at the centre of the neckline is enhanced with hand-incrusted delicate lace. A thigh split, also highlighted with lace trim, finishes the piece.

For a more seductive and sultry garment, the Pensée silk chemise is the ultimate statement piece for your wardrobe. Marjolaine's Pensée chemise showcases beautiful black silk with a pink and white floral design on it contrasting with black lace.

If you’re searching for a sophisticated and elegant look, Marjolaine's Pearl robe is a particularly beautiful piece and a favourite at Caroline Randell. Marjolaine's Pearl robe has beautiful white leavers lace inlays on the cuffs of the sleeves and a wrap around style with a waist tie belt.

How Do I Care For My Marjolaine Lingerie?

How To Store Your Silk nightwear

As Marjolaine nightwear is made from the finest silk and French lace, it is important to treat the garments with the utmost care. While silk is a versatile, breathable fabric, it is also delicate. The lace detail also needs to be treated gently to ensure your garments last as long as possible.

When not in use, we recommend always hanging your silk pieces in your wardrobe - don’t crush them in a drawer! Make sure they’re kept in cool, dry places and after they’ve been worn check for any stains (including sweat, oil or dirt etc). If you spot anything, it’s best to clean the garment immediately before putting it back into storage.

If storing for longer periods, we’d recommend using a garment bag, ensuring that the material is breathable (try to avoid plastic ones as it can lock in moisture which can damage your garments).

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How To Clean Your Silk Nightwear

Many silk items say ‘dry clean only’ but it is possible to wash them at home, with care. Marjolaine silk garments can be hand washed in cool water, but we also recommend referring to the product information for more details on the specific item.

If your Marjolaine nightwear is stained, we would recommend taking the item to a dry cleaner and giving the cleaner information about what caused the stain - this will increase the chance of being able to eliminate it and restore the garment.

If you decide to hand-wash your garment, use cold water using oil-free hand soap (not a soap bar). Dab the garment dry with a towel and hang on a hanger to air dry. Don’t wring water out of your item or twist it - this could damage the delicate silk fibres and damage the lace trim or other details on the piece.

Explore The Collection

Why not discover the full Marjolaine Nightwear Collection at Caroline Randell? If you have any questions about your order, delivery, returns, packaging, product care or our boutique, we have an FAQ page which we’ve collated to help with many common queries. If we can help further, please do get in touch.

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