Best Bras for Back Fat

Finding the perfect bra can be a challenging quest for many women. Factors like comfort, support, and style are essential, but there's one more concern that often goes unaddressed: back fat. Back fat can be a common source of discomfort and self-consciousness for many women. Thankfully, the lingerie industry has evolved to cater to this issue, with the introduction of wide band bras designed specifically to minimise the appearance of back fat. In this article, we will explore the best bras for back fat, with a focus on wide band bras that offer both comfort and confidence.

What is back fat and why does it show?

Before delving into the world of bras that can help with back fat, it's essential to understand the nature of back fat.

Back fat is not exclusive to individuals with higher body fat percentages; it can affect women of all shapes and sizes. It often occurs due to factors such as genetics, posture, or, most often, an ill-fitting bra.

When you wear a bra that doesn't provide adequate support, the skin and tissue on your back can get pushed up, leading to the appearance of back fat. 

Fighting Bra Back Fat - Tips and Solutions 

Wide Band Bras for Back Fat


  1. Wrong size? It's crucial to know your correct bra size. Many women wear the wrong size without realising it, which can exacerbate back fat issues. Visit a professional lingerie store for a fitting or read our guide on how to measure bra size to ensure you find the right size. A properly fitting bra (one with a firm, tight band that sits parallel to the floor and not up between the shoulder blades) would pull all that fat in and make back look slimmer.
  2. Large band size? Ensure you wear a correct band size. Wearing the correct band size creates a massive difference - if the band is too big, it rides up higher on the back and creates more 'back fat'.
  3. Streched out bra band? Bands can stretch out over the time, so keep an eye on that, the bra that used to fit you properly, may not support you well anymore, ride up and make back fat noticeable.
  4. Is bra band too small? If it is too tight - well, you will have the same issue. Sometimes it is difficult to find the right size, as large band may be too lose, and smaller band will be too tight. Opt for a wide band or longline bras, they provide additional support and smooth out bulges effectively.
  5. Consider your wardrobe: Think about the types of outfits you typically wear. Skin tight, thin clothing will often reveal more than it is desired.
  6. Quality matters: Don't compromise on quality. Well-constructed bras may be more expensive, but they will provide the support and comfort you need.

Wide Band Bras for Back Fat

The wide band bras designed to address this issue offer extended coverage and support around the back area. This broader band helps to smooth out any bulges and provide a sleek and comfortable fit. Below is a selection of a few wide band bras that are perfect for dealing with back fat.

  1. Cosabelle Never Plunge Bralette COSABELLA NEVER PLUNGIE BRALETTEThis bra is expertly designed with a reinforced support band in lace and unlike a lot of bra options this has no elasticated band.
  2. Rosessence Comfort Plunging Triangle Bra Rosessence Comfort Plunging Triangle Bra
    The reinforced back strap adds to the excellent support with accompanying strap attachment at the back.
  3. Melody Seamless Bra Melody Seamless BraGiving you confidence with soft padded straps for the shoulder and a nice deeper band.
  4. Lynn Zip Front Closure Soft Bra Lynn Zip Front Closure Soft BraMade from a microfibre fabric to provide gentle compression this bra is a lovely blend of both soft and stretchy, providing maximum comfort.

Designer Wide Band Bras

The options mentioned above are just a few examples of our designer wide band bras designed to address back fat issues. You can also check out our Empreinte collection for more perfectly fitting bras. Finding the best bras for back fat can transform your wardrobe and your confidence, allowing you to embrace your unique beauty with style and grace. Back fat is a common concern for women of all shapes and sizes, but it doesn't have to be a source of discomfort or self-consciousness. With the right wide band bra, you can confidently wear the clothes you love while enjoying excellent support.

Whatever your challenge we have an amazing collection of luxury bras featuring exclusive designers and brands at Caroline Randell and we are sure to have a piece that suits your style and taste.

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