Empreinte Lingerie: A Closer Look at Fit and Functionality

When it comes to lingerie, finding the perfect balance between style and comfort is a quest many of us embark on. That's where Empreinte, a renowned lingerie brand, comes into play. Known for its impeccable fit and functionality, Empreinte has garnered attention from lingerie enthusiasts and experts alike. It is one of our favourite brands at Caroline Randell for a reason!

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In this blog post, we've gathered a collection of reviews that delve into the fit and functionality of Empreinte lingerie, providing you with valuable insights for some old and new Empreinte product lines before you make your next lingerie purchase.

Expert fitter Marcie from Brava Lingerie in Australia reviews Empreinte's groundbreaking Initiale Sports Bra – a bra that was meticulously crafted over 3 years for ultimate comfort and style. 

Empreinte Prism Bikini Showcase by Fuller Bust Bestie

In this video, Saterra , also known as the Fuller Bust Bestie, demonstrates the impeccable fit of the Empreinte Prism Bikini in US size 32G (UK 32F). Get an up-close look at how this luxurious lingerie brand caters to fuller busts, ensuring comfort and style in every detail!


Empreinte Sports Bra Customers' Feedback: Functionality in Action

We have collated some of the feedback received from those bought Empreinte Sports bra. We hope these comments will help you to choose the right size and fit.


  • The glittery detailing on the bra, straps, underbust elastic are a nice touch, adding a touch of glamour to activewear. The brand paid attention to detail, using orange metal rings to link the band and straps.

Fit and Construction:

  • The bra features molded cups, a characteristic of Empreinte lingerie, and was described as lightweight and soft.
  • This is the best sports bra ever. It fits true to size, is supportive, comfortable, no bouncing & no monoboobs. Just the best.
  • Another reviewer orderered a size 30E instead of her usual 30F with other brands and found it to be her ideal size. The bra has medium-width wires that are properly cushioned, providing comfort during workouts. 
  • The bra is quite a contraption but fit and support are great - you could run a marathon without your boobs moving even a millimetre!
  • Finally a good sports bra. Comfortable but lots of support for 32D. No pain. From under wire and doesn’t make shoulders ache.

Real Women, Real Feedback: Empreinte Lingerie Testimonials

Sometimes, the most honest reviews come from everyday women who have experienced Empreinte lingerie firsthand. This video compiles testimonials and personal stories, shedding light on how Empreinte's fit and functionality have positively impacted the lives of real women.




Empreinte lingerie has earned its reputation for delivering exceptional fit and functionality without compromising on style. These  reviews offer a comprehensive look at what makes Empreinte stand out in the world of lingerie. Whether you're new to the brand or a loyal Empreinte enthusiast, these insights will help you make informed choices and ensure that your lingerie not only looks stunning but also feels comfortable and supportive.

Before making your next lingerie purchase, be sure to check out these  reviews and discover why Empreinte is a brand that continues to impress both experts and everyday lingerie lovers and feel free to contacs is in case you need some advice on fit and size.


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