Bra Recycling Against Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and here at Caroline Randell, we are supporting an initiative to raise money for this brilliant cause and charity: Bra Recycling Against Breast Cancer.

Bra Recycling Against Breast Cancer is an initiative started by Against Breast Cancer and for every tonne of bras that are collected, they receive around £700 to fund vitally important research.

Of the bras that are recycled, nearly all of them will go to countries such as Kenya and Ghana where bras continue to be expensive, thus providing them with a new lease of life. And the bras that are no longer suitable, are then disposed of sustainably.

What can you do for Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Each year we aim to raise awareness and to fundraise for Breast Cancer Care by offering a promotion to encourage you to recycle any unwanted bras in exchange for a £10 voucher off a new bra. Drop off your old bras at the boutique and we will send these off to Africa which raises vital funds for cancer research.

We know you will own many bras - some you may have had for years or you may even have a collection of unwanted bras lying around. By recycling your old bras, not only will you be raising funds for such an important charity, you will also be providing those in need with a bra.

For every bra received, Caroline Randell will donate an additional £1.00 per bra to the charity, so get donating.

We will publish our results at the end of the month!

Bra Recycling

There are a number of ways you can recycle your unwanted bras!

Please visit us in store and bring your old, unwanted bras so we can recycle on your behalf. You can also send your old bras to us by post when you are returning other orders.

There may also be a bra bank near you and you can find out where your nearest bra bank is by using Against Breast Cancer’s search tool.

Alternatively, you can send your bras directly to the Against Breast Cancer charity by posting bras to them via the address below.

Against Breast Cancer, Leathem House, 13 Napier Court, Barton Lane, Abingdon, OXON, OX14 3YT. Please remember to add the appropriate postage to your package.

Go one step further and get a bra bank installed at your place of work. Encourage your colleagues and employees to recycle their unwanted bras to help Against Breast Cancer. For each collection there will need to be a minimum of 400 bras.

How to check your boobs

At least 1 in 7 women will be affected by breast cancer in their lifetime which is why we also want to spread awareness for everyone to know how to check for signs of breast cancer.

1. Look at your boobs, the area from your armpit and beneath your boobs. Are there any changes in size, shape, outline or changes in skin such as puckering.

2. Feel your boobs, armpit area and underneath boobs for any lumps, bumps or skin thickening which is different from the opposite side.

3. Finally, have you noticed any changes in your nipples such as discharge that's not milky, any bleeding from the nipple, any rash or crusting on or around your nipple area that doesn't heal easily?

Tips: Use a mirror to help you.

We have created a visual guide for you below to refer to.


 With over 55,000 new cases of breast cancer each year, it is clear that more funding and research is required. Together, by bra recycling, we will be able to fund that research and make a difference.

Did you know?

Caroline Randell is a proud stockist of Love Rose. Love Rose are a luxury, post-surgery lingerie brand designed by and for women who have been through breast cancer. 

T&Cs£10 off a new bra offer is valid on the day you drop off your old bras.
One £10 voucher is valid per person.

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