Hanky Panky Underwear

What Is Hanky Panky Underwear?

At Caroline Rendell we hand-pick all our stock and suppliers, and we are proud to have Hanky Panky underwear, one of our favourite brands, available in our boutique in London, as well as around the world via the Hanky Panky Collection on our website. Hanky Panky Underwear is a heritage luxury lingerie brand that has both style and values at its core.

Established nearly 50 years ago in 1977, the brand actually began with a hanky.

Designer Gale Epstein had been repurposing vintage clothing when she came across some embroidered cotton handkerchiefs. With a stroke of genius she transformed them into a bra and bikini set.

The next major milestone for Hanky Panky came in 1896 when they created a thong that couldn't be felt. The patented fabric was deemed ‘lace butter’ by the Women’s Style Journal and since then the brand has gone from strength to strength.

Hanky Panky is a favourite around the world with celebrities and stylists, with well-known names including Jennifer Aniston, Rihanna, Cher, Cameron Diaz and Katy Perry amongst the brand’s fans.

The reason for the brand’s success is two-fold:

1. They have decades of experience in manufacturing underwear and have honed their craft over time. While adding new styles, colours and fabrics, they are insistent on the highest quality and say ‘our stitch count stays high. Our fit obsession remains obsessive. And we’re still meticulous about every stitch, every seam and every rose in our lace.’ This attention to detail means Hanky Panky underwear is well-crafted, beautiful to look at and, most importantly, is extremely comfortable to wear.

2. The brand has remained true to its values since it was founded back in the 70s. They emphasise their commitment to people, ethics and the planet. What does this mean? They support slow fashion, sustainable methods and fair rewards. The company has been owned by its employees since 2017.

Where Can I Buy Hanky Panky Underwear?

The Caroline Rendell Hanky Panky Collection includes a superb range of Hanky Panky garments showcasing a beautiful, vibrant selection of their products. Here’s a rundown of some of our favourite Hanky Panky products and why we love them!

Hanky Panky Boyshort Wrap

These mid-rise style boyshorts are designed to mimic the appearance of shorts, so they fit lower on the leg and provide full back coverage so your bottom will feel supported - and not only that, but they can help prevent chafing too! Available in a huge range of colours, they’re a superb choice for wearing when you’re in casual mode around the house, but are also great under skirts, dresses and trousers when you want to cover up but still want to avoid having a visible panty line (VPL)!

We recommend going down a size with these boyshorts, as the elasticated lace means they’re more generous than some others in the collection.

Original Thong and Low Rise Thong

Say goodbye to visible panty lines and say hello to perfect comfort - the classic signature lace thongs from Hanky Panky are where their ‘World’s Most Comfortable Thong’ tagline originated.

Both their Original Rise and Low Rise thong thong styles feature the revolutionary flattering V-front, V-back waistband, with the original sitting above the hip bones for added comfort and confidence, and the low rise version for that barely-there feeling. They’re both extremely flattering and the array of styles and over 30 colourways lets you match your colour to your mood, whatever it may be.

Hanky Panky underwear provide comfort without compromise, are made to last and are a real game-changer in the world of thongs. Hanky Panky thongs are so comfortable that you can't even feel them when you’re wearing them. The incredible stretch fabric means you don't have to compromise on wearing a size that may be slightly too big, or a touch too small - it will still fit your shape and size perfectly.

Hanky Panky Retro Thong

The Hanky Panky High Waisted Thongs feature an extra-wide band of lace that hugs your midsection, so you can feel super secure whilst enjoying a fabulously flattering fit for any occasion! The stretch lace fabric glides across your body for a perfect fit - if you enjoy the fit of a thong but want to take advantage of additional figure-flattering elements, this thong is perfect for you.

Original Thong

This is one of our favourite Hanky Panky garments - a beautiful Original Rise thong, but with a twist. Each pair is wrapped delicately in the style of a rosebud including a message that reads ‘A rose by any other name is a Hanky Panky thong’, the Original Rose Thong is a cute gift for the special someone in your life.

Be sure to explore the entire range of Hanky Panky underwear - we know that once you have one of their pieces in your lingerie drawer, they’re so beautiful and comfortable that before you know it you’ll have a growing collection of styles and colours.

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