Lise Charmel models and styles through the years

Lise Charmel is a high end lingerie brand, known for its luxurious, high-quality and sensual designs. Lise Charmel has had many models showcasing its beautiful designs over the years - the brand has a keen eye for up and coming models.

Modeling for a luxury lingerie brand requires a high level of sophistication, creativity and grace. Here we take a look at some of the styles modelled over the years and how the Lise Charmel styles have evolved.


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Madalina Ghenea

Madalina Ghenea is a Romanian actress and model. Ghenea started her career in modelling when she was 15 years old, in Milan, Italy.

Madaline Ghenea models Lise Charmel’s 2008-2009 collection.

Lise Charmel 2008-2009 collections

Madalina wears a floral flirty set by Lise Charmel. The contrast of the colourful flowers over the black bra add a depth of sensuality. 

Here, Madalina models Lise Charmel’s bridal range from 2009 complete with suspenders and garters. 

Violet Budd

Violet Budd (Also known as Lauren Budd) is a British lingerie and swimsuit model.

Violet models pieces from the Lise Charmel Winter 2014 collection.

Lise Charmel Winter 2014 Collection

This piece evokes autumnal imagery - the orange and red florals with the black lace wrapped around the beautiful design, creating an element of mystery


Creating similar vibes minus the florals is this stunning one piece black lace floral body perfect for those seductive nights.

Adriana Novakov 

Adriana Novakov is a Slovakian Lingerie & Swimsuit Model. Adriana has featured in various Lise Charmel catalogues between 2014-2015. 

Adriana Novakov models pieces from Lise Charmel’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

Lise Charmel Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

This white lace slip is perfect for those occasions where you want to feel a hint of sexy whilst still being modest and classy.

Going back to basics with this sage block colour bra and knickers set. Add a pop of colour to your wardrobe with this basic yet chic set.

Simone Kerr

Simone Kerr is an Australian fashion and runway model. She has featured in several Lise Charmel collection catalogues over the years.

Simone models pieces from Lise Charmel's 2015-2016 collections.

Maestria Andalouse

Lise Charmel Maestria Andalouse is a glamorous sexy luxury lingerie collection reminiscent of the outstanding beauty of classic Lise Charmel. Beautiful Calais Leavers lace, embroidered roses and soft black tulle combine to give this designer lingerie a couture feel and look. Modern, elegant and opulent Maestria Andalouse collection is finished to perfection with precious Swarovski jewel highlights and delicate satin bows. Nothing speaks love more than the red rose give the gift of love this season with lingerie she will treasure for a long time. 

Sonate en Bleu

New collection Lise Charmel Sonate en Bleu is inspired by warm blue seas, available in two beautiful colourways blue features on both capturing the essence of summer with detailed embroidered flowers and pretty prints on the nightwear.

Aria Pastel

Lise Charmel Aria Pastel is an exquisite collection inspired by beautiful summer flowers and foliage, a stunning original Lise Charmel print this romantic, dreamy floral print collection is sure to become a favourite to brighten up your day. Lace overlays, embroideries, satin bows and Swarovski elements finish this luxury lingerie collection to perfection.

Nicole Harrison 

Nicole Harrison is another Australian model who has modelled for Lise Charmel.

Nicole Harrison models pieces from Lise Charmel’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection.

Lise Charmel Spring/Summer 2019

Evoking midnight jungle vibes is this green cami with palm prints. It brings all the exotic vibes, perfectly paired with any black or green Lise Charmel knickers. Its silky texture adds that special Lise Charmel touch.

Moving on to the dark blue bra set, also exuding an exotic feel. The contrast of the red and light blue against the dark blue base really makes this set stand out. 

Laura Grassi

Laura Grassi is an Italian fashion model from Tuscany, Italy who currently models for Lise Charmel’s latest upcoming collections.

Laura Grassi models pieces from Lise Charmel's newest collections.

Imagine Une Ile

Imagine une Ile takes you in a whirlwind of colors in the heart of a wild and lush nature. Reminiscent of an exotic island revealed with rich vegetal print on tulle and enhanced by a multi-thread floral embroidery with subtle brilliance. Precious details underline the sensuality of the back and neckline. Continue the adventure with the coordinated loungewear printed on a soft veil and succumb to a glamorous farniente .

Color Ile en fleur made of printed bold colors, green, lilac and citrine yellow. 

Glamour Couture

"Bold and Rock, Lise Charmel's Glamour Couture line aims at a contemporary woman. The embroidered flower patterns are highlighted with a leather-like material on a transparent tulle background that subtly reveals skin. The shapes, Triangle Glam, Brassière Bandeau and accessories dare a refined eroticism. Sexy lingerie available in silk burn out printed with animal patterns.

Dressing Floral

Dressing floral by Lise Charmel, a chic, graphic line in a couture spirit. The finely openwork guipure on a Tattoo background lets the skin guess with sensuality. The delicate vegetal graphics are seductive. The clean cuts provide firm comfort and pleasant support. In Sexy novelty, Triangle Frame and Thong sublimate the back with fine jewel links.

Printed silk lingerie, encrusted with French Leavers lace. Dressing Aloe, a green shade of blue, deep and elegant. 


Source Beaute

Embracing the essence of current fashion movements, the Source Beauté collection introduces a radiant new hue that complements every complexion. Fusing vibrant colors with the luxurious touch of silk, a distinct aesthetic emerges, seamlessly blending individual expression with the vibrant spirit of the season.


Ajourage Couture

The Ajourage Couture line epitomizes pure elegance with its iconic and timeless appeal. It's glamorous and essential for any wardrobe. Crafted from sculpting microfiber, it contours the body beautifully, while the open-work edge adds a graphic lace-like detail, enhancing the silhouette. The seductive cuts are simply stunning. The addition of a cross-over wrap top to this year's collection completes the couture look with a fashionable touch. Take a look at Lise Charmel's plunging back halter swimsuit in green

Fulvia Sani

Fulvia Sani is an up and coming model and influencer. She recently appeared in Lise Charmel's latest Spring/Summer 2023 collection video, modelling pieces from the Eté Frivole collection.


Eté Frivole

Eté Frivole by Lise Charmel ignites the delight of sunny days. Featuring luxurious Azalea Flower embroidery, interwoven with shaded, alternating, and striped satin threads, it captivates with its delicate touch and nuanced hues brimming with softness. The understated cuts, accentuated by a sensual pink lace, provide delightful comfort and supreme well-being. Revel in the sensuality of lingerie veiled in embroidered patterns.

Lise Charmel offers a range of corsets, bustiers, panties and more for women who want to make their curves stand out. If you're looking for an edge in your next presentation or day at court, these pieces can give you a little extra oomph without going overboard.

Buying a first set of lingerie can be intimidating, especially if you’re looking for luxury lingerie. When choosing your first set of lingerie it’s important to choose something that compliments your body and fits into your budget. For those looking for something luxurious, Lise Charmel is the perfect brand.

From bras and panties to bustiers and camisoles, you’ll find a wide range of lingerie products from Lise Charmel. In addition, if you’re shopping for special occasion lingerie for wedding night, babydolls or even hot lingerie, you’ll find it all here. With Lise Charmel, you can feel confident that the luxurious designs will bring both comfort and confidence while wearing any of these stunning lingerie sets.

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