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About Devotion Twins

The brand is run by designer Athina and her husband Dimitris, who strive to create beautiful, sustainably-made resort and summer clothing and accessories. Athina's signature style is feminine, playful, and confident, with designs that emphasize femininity and give women confidence. Devotion TWINS products are favourites for their unique designs, including signature self-designed jacquards, loose and flowing silhouettes, and bold colours and abstract geometric patterns. The brand is loved worldwide, with over 1,500 points of sale in 40 countries.

Devotion TWINS is committed to sustainability and responsible consumption, producing on-demand to avoid overproduction and waste, and utilizing local production in Greece to rebuild local production structures. The brand is also dedicated to ensuring compliance with labour and social standards, reflecting its values of bonding, consistency, trust, and mutual respect. Devotion TWINS offers high-quality, handmade clothing made from natural and sustainable materials, designed and manufactured in Greece, making it an ideal choice for fashion-informed women around the world who share the same values.

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