Empreinte, Verity, panty, deep brief, flat lace on the bottom at front, with sheer tulle at the top and back, blush, knicker, Caroline Randell Verity Deep Brief


Verity Deep Brief

Verity BriefVerity Brief


Verity Brief

Empreinte, Verity, seamless, flat lace, shorty, hotpants, blush, Caroline Randell Verity Shorts


Verity Shorts

IN pulse Initial Sports BraIN pulse Initial Sports Bra


IN pulse Initial Sports Bra

Empreinte Melody Seamless Bra with Gold Knit PatternEmpreinte Melody Seamless Bra


Melody Seamless Bra

Empreinte Melody Strapless Bra Back StrapEmpreinte Melody Strapless Bra


Melody Strapless Bra

Melody Seamless Deep BriefMelody Seamless Deep Brief


Melody Seamless Deep Brief

Stella shortyStella shorty
On sale


Stella shorty

£20.00 £51.00
Melody Seamless ShortyMelody Seamless Shorty


Melody Seamless Shorty

Melody ShortsMelody Shorts


Melody Shorts

Thalia ShortsThalia Shorts


Thalia Shorts

Thalia Invisible PantyThalia Invisible Panty


Thalia Invisible Panty

Empreinte Thalia Caramel Thong String BackEmpreinte Thalia Caramel Thong


Thalia Thong

Allure Shorty in RubyAllure Shorty in Ruby
On sale


Allure Shorty in Ruby

£20.00 £54.00
Louise Brief in SequoiaLouise Brief in Sequoia
Sold out


Louise Brief in Sequoia

£32.00 £53.50
Louise Shorts in NaturalLouise Shorts in Natural


Louise Shorts in Natural

Louise Thong in NaturalLouise Thong in Natural


Louise Thong in Natural


Empreinte Bras

If you don't know your Empreint size yet, you might want to consider going down in the cup size compared to what you wear in other brands. Empreinte bras have a deep and full cup shape. This means that the cups provide ample room and coverage for your bust. Due to Empreinte's generous cup shape, some customers find it more comfortable to choose a smaller cup size compared to what they wear in other brands. While going down in the cup size might be a general guideline for Empreinte bras, it may not work for everyone. If you have a very full-cup bust, your true size may still be the best fit.

Empreinte Initiale sport chic bra takes care of both: performance and aesthetics. Fashion and sport are combined together to create timeless and seamless lingerie, providing you with comfort when you running. Soft and quick-drying fabric, guaranteed support for up to size H provides incredible performance and feminine silhouette.

For women with generous breasts, finding a strapless bra that works can be a challenge. Empreinte has the solution: the perfect Melody strapless bra for all occasions. You'll feel supported and confident in this bra—and you'll never have to worry about it slipping down or popping off!

Empreinte Lingerie

Empreinte lingerie has been carefully designed to create a look of elegance using intricate luxurious laces and detailed embroidery. Empreinte lingerie, with its 70-year legacy, uses only the finest and highest quality of French materials to design each exquisite bra. With the excellent support and luxurious feel of Empreinte’s finely crafted bras and lingerie, you will not feel like taking Empreinte bras off. With a variety of different colours and designs including lace and embroidered patterns, each Empreinte range is sophisticated, and sexy yet also offers the ultimate practicality ensuring comfort for those long days.

Empreinte Bra Reviews

  • This bra is a great fit for me, one of the most comfortable bras I have worn in a long time.
  • A lovely, comfortable, and stylish bra.
  • I am happy with my bra, it suits my shape well.

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