Aubade Lingerie: Shaping women’s bodies since 1958


About Aubade Lingerie

  • Lingerie pieces by Aubade are elegant, audacious and sensual. They are designed to make women and men feel seductive, stylish and glamorous.
  • Aubade’s classically French collections range from stunning bras, basques, briefs and more.
  • Ever since the 1950s, the Aubade brand has been recognised as the French lingerie collection which makes women feel fabulous and confident. 
  • By the 1980s, Aubade Lingerie began designing underwear for men.
  • An interesting fact about Aubade lingerie is that the brand is the first of its kind to have created matching coloured underwear and bras.

When was Aubade lingerie house founded?

During the 1950s, women were restricted to the corset.  At the time, society preferred a desired shape on a woman, yet it caused many physical complications. 

It was in 1875 that corset specialist, Doctor Bernard pioneered a sensual and glamour collection of lingerie that required no physical bodily support. That’s when he founded Aubade.

He opened his corset-making company that focused on girdles which soon established itself as a luxury lingerie brand.

In 2006, Aubade had its first flagship store in France.

What are Aubade Lingerie collections like?

Aubade Lingerie prides itself on the best quality of material. Wires, threads and seams are hard to recognise because the lingerie’s material is soft.
    Fine and smooth lace as well as embroidery, tulles styles or satin sheer are just a few features you may expect from Aubade.
      With Aubade, bras and panties are so comfortable you forget you’re wearing them. That’s why most pieces are truly luxurious and stunning to wear.
        The knickers and selection of underwear have a sexy feel about them too. In some designs they are a mix between a brief and a thong. Undoubtedly, this accentuates the curves and shapes of the bottom part of the body.
          Aubade also has a nightwear, swimwear and stockings selection.
            The lingerie brand is a proud collaborator with big names such as Calais lace-makers and Swiss embroiderers.
              The Aubademen, sexy boxer line collection, came in 2013.

              The Aubademen, sexy boxer line collection, came in 2013.

              Who is Aubade lingerie designed for?

              Aubade speaks to both women and men on ‘lessons in seduction’ and elegance.

              Comfort and luxurious lace are just some of their distinctive features for their collections.

              Aubade sizes and fitting

              • UK, American, German and French sizes are available in Aubade’s size guide. 
              • This ranges from cup, ribcage, triangle bras, briefs, tights and male boxers.
              • Aubade Lingerie recommends measuring your body regularly, as it constantly changes in weight or pregnancy. 
              • Measuring your bust size, ribcage and hip is the best way to identify the right fit for Aubade bras and lingerie collection.
              • For some customers who want to give Aubade lingerie to someone special as a gift but don’t know their size, Aubade lingerie recommends their luxury basque pieces that don't require specific size knowledge.

              Basque designed by Aubade Lingerie 

              Basque designed by Aubade Lingerie

              Does Aubade Lingerie have sales?

              • All items from Aubade range from £40 to £200.  
              • There are mid-season sales, so it is always worthwhile having a check of our website regularly. 
              • Rosessence and Danse des Sense are a great collection from Aubade’s range which are available here.

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