Meet Designer Melissa Odabash, the Ferrari’s of Swimwear

Who is Melissa Odabash?

Former swimwear model Melissa Odabash is a London-based swimwear and beachwear designer who launched her own Melissa Odabash brand. She is internationally recognised and has made her name in the swimwear fashion industry.

Born and raised in the United States, Melissa Odabash started her fashion career as a swimwear model in Italy. 

Her calling for swimwear design all started from her eye for fashion and natural flair for designing bikinis and swimwear.

In her early career, she began to showcase and trade her swimwear designs in Milan at various boutiques. She grew her business by knocking on doors, and building relationships with customers. 

Soon, her swimwear collection landed on the front covers of award-winning fashion magazines, including Vogue, Instyle, Elle, Tatler and Harper’s Bazaar.

Melissa Odabash’s collection is available in 62 countries and over 500 department stores, boutiques and resorts.

Her signature zebra print bikini became the most sold product in the 1998 Victoria’s Secret catalogue.  

Who is Melissa's swimwear designed for?

Melissa Odabash’s Collection is popular with many A-listers for its luxurious and holiday lifestyle vibe. 
    Big A-list stars and names who love to shop for Melissa Odabash’s collections include Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Elle Macpherson, Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sienna Miller, Heidi Klum and Beyoncé. 
      Bikinis, two-pieces and swimwear collections by Melissa Odabashi are perfect for all fancy trips abroad and sunny holidays.
        Melissa Odabash’s collection includes stunning bikinis, kaftans, dresses, hats and more. 
          She gets her inspiration from her travels, picking up colours and style ideas from different cultures and countries. 
            Melissa Odabash in Positano, Italy

            Melissa Odabash in Positano, Italy

            What are Melissa’s bikini and swimwear collections like?

            • Melissa Odabash’s collection is for anyone who loves designer swimwear, fine detail and clean design. 
            • So, why not compliment your Melissa Odabash swimwear with a stylish beach hat or exotic print kaftan. 
            • Her signature style is high quality, timeless and casually elegant.
            • Her pieces focus on stunning fabrics and perfect fit. Melissa Odabash invests time in choosing the highest quality fabrics for the lining and swimsuits. 

            Does Melissa Odabash run small?

            • According to Melissa Odabash’s size guide, her swimwear and bikinis collection run from XXS to XL or sizes 6 to 18.
            • The guide also has size conversions for Italy, US, France and Japan. 
            • Her two-piece and bikini collections are perfect-fitting and considered some of the most flattering and long-lasting around. 
            • Her bikini bottoms sit comfortably just below the hips.
            • Melissa Odabash advises her fans not to overestimate, underestimate or make compromises on their bikini sizes. ‘If they are a size 10, buy size 10 not 8’, she says.  
            • All of her designs and collections were crafted specifically to be fitted.  
            • A little fun fact is that Melissa Odabash tries on every single piece of her collections, so she can give immediate feedback on what she feels needs adjusting from a size perspective. It gives a personal touch knowing the designer is getting the size right from experience.

            How do Melisssa Odabash’s bikinis fit?

            From her time as a swimwear model, Melissa understands what types of bikinis and swimwear pieces work and which do not. Melissa believes that many women are unclear on what swimwear is the best for their bodies.
              Her swimwear collection is designed to combat this and give women every chance of showing their best assets. Melissa says women need to choose swimwear that fits tightly on the body and hides any gaps.
                She says by ruching the middle of a swimsuit holds everything in and creates a waist.
                  It’s this type of swimwear expertise that Melisssa Odabash’s collection has given to many women.
                    It has boosted their body confidence whenever they are on the beach or by the pool.    
                      Melissa Odabash 2021 Collection - Santa Fe Bikini Cheetah

                      Melissa Odabash 2021 Collection - Santa Fe Bikini Cheetah 

                      What to expect in her 2021 collection?

                      Everyone is thinking about jet-setting away when restrictions have lifted. Melissa’s collection is just as exciting and fresh.
                        Expect to see a variety of new resort-style bikinis, dresses and coverups to add to any holiday travel bag.
                          Her premium pieces use only the finest and most innovative fabrics to suit all body shapes that offer a flattering fit. 

                            How much is Melissa Odabash swimwear worth?

                            Her collection is designed and crafted for women who seek style, premium quality and the best fitted swimwear.
                              Her latest 2021 collection ranges from £200 to £500 with these core elements and unique features in mind. 

                                  Where can I buy Melissa Odabash’s new collection?

                                  Her swimwear is widely available internationally in hundreds of department stores.
                                    She has two standalone boutiques in London: Chelsea and Nottinghill.
                                      For those who can’t pop over to London right now, there are online stores including yours truly, Melissa Odabash at Caroline Randell. Why not have a look?

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