5 Reasons why it's essential to wear a supportive sports bra

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Whatever fitness you do: please, please wear a sports bra... you’ll thank us for this later! 💪

In a recent study by the BBC " The Truth About Getting Fit At Home", found a staggering 70% of women reported breast pain when they exercise. I felt it important to highlight some of the reasons why it’s essential to wear a great fitting and supportive sports bra. 

Your breasts can bounce up to 84 times per minute when exercising and can move by 10cm up and down with each step. This can have a very damaging effect on your breast tissue which will stretch the tissue and ultimately lead to sagging. This movement can cause a lot of pain in your breast, as well as contributing to back neck and shoulder pain - especially if you are fuller in the bust.  

Investing in a good sports bra will really reduce this breast movement and stretching, ensuring you are supported and pain free when exercising.  

We’re not a fan of the stretchy crop top style sports bras that seem to be sold as a supportive a sports bra - they really don’t support the breast and stop enough movement. A recent study found that they only reduced breast movement by 55% compared with other sports bras which reduce breast movement by 80%. That's a huge difference.

At Caroline Randell we have a range of sports bra designs which we feel are the very best the lingerie industry has to offer, including the multi-award winning sports bra range by Anita, and also the phenomenal Empreinte In Pulse sports bra. There is something to suit your style and perfectly suit the type of activity that you do, from yoga to running. 

Anita sports bras offer exceptional support when exercising

Empreinte In Pulse Sports Bra

Do take a look Caroline Randell's curated range of sports bras here.

If you’d like more info and help with finding the best style and size for you, then please get in touch as we as super passionate about ensuring you have the best sports bra - info@carolinerandell.co.uk 

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