My Interview with Empreinte Lingerie, ahead of their 75th anniversary next year.

Empreinte has just won the prestigious award of ‘Best Lingerie Brand’ at the 2020 UK Lingerie Awards last night. I caught up with the Sylvain Piriou, Export Manager of Empreinte to discover how they have been going from strength to strength and what exciting plans they have for their 75th Anniversary which they will be celebrating next year.

Discover in my interview how Empreinte started in 1946, their plans for sustainability as well as new product launches – you heard it here first!


How did Empreinte begin?

“Empreinte was founded in 1946 in the aptly-named French city of Brest. As the son of a pharmacist with training in medical bandages and supports, the founder Jean Le Her was often approached for help by pharmacy customers suffering from pain caused by their larger busts. Mr Le Her teamed up with a seamstress who had a passion for lingerie, and by combining his technical ingenuity with her design skills, they were able to create bras in cup sizes A to C. This was revolutionary at the time, offering women bras that fitted their individual body shape”.

What's the most interesting fact about Empreinte?

“We believe that lingerie has the power transform women’s lives. The touch of silk, the feeling of lightness, the discovery of a new silhouette transforming the way women feel about their bodies, the way they look at themselves in the mirror, and the confidence they project every day. «Free to be ourselves» is our philosophy”.

What makes Empreinte unique in the lingerie industry?

“Innovation is a core value at Empreinte, not just in our designs but in everything we do. Empreinte has acquired in-depth technical expertise in seamfree lingerie, so at last women who choose these styles can enjoy functional bras that are also pretty and flattering”.

How would you describe your customer base?

“Generations of women have been following the brand since its creation. Empreinte has set new standards for the women who try it on, they know to expect a constant fit and quality from us. Empreinte’s offering is unique on the market and contributed to create a special link between the company and its fans”.

What’s in store for next year’s collections? 

“First and foremost, we launched for this winter our new seamless range Allure: a new sport-chic design collection and a real technological feat. We are naturally very proud of being the first to successfully mould the finest and most delicate in the world – the Leavers Lace - made on two-hundred-year-old looms. It is enhancing Empreinte range of invisible lingerie offering unique comfort and aesthetics.

For next year, obviously, I can’t reveal all our surprises but we will carry on following our direction by reinventing our best sellers and proposing new styles”.

Do you have any new exciting product launches? 

“Yes, indeed, I am thrilled to announce we will launch something very special to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Empreinte next year. This special series will showcase the know-how and the craftsmanship of our industry which are part of our core values”.

How is Empreinte approaching the increasing demand for more sustainable products and companies?

“That is a very good question and has been clearly identified by our teams. By nature, our offer is the opposite of fast fashion. By sourcing our fabrics and components among the most prestigious European suppliers, the quality and the longevity of our lingerie and swimwear are well known. Our suppliers are selected and asked to comply with the REACH certification, which regulates the use of chemical products. We also take special care in regards to the manufacture of our products. It takes three years to train a seamstress in the multiple craft skills required to ensure the special comfort and fit for long!” 

Thank you so much Sylvain for letting us in on the history and secrets of Empreinte. I can certainly confirm that the brand has been loved by our discerning customers at Caroline Randell for the past decade. It was one of the first brands we stocked and we would not be without it. I love the way the brand surprises us each season with something utterly unique, and their innovation is unrivalled in the industry. Keep surprising us Empreinte, and many many congratulations with your award last night at the UK Lingerie Awards - so very well deserved. 

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